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Group 0—Score in Post-Ruin Culture, 1 non-firearm combat skill of the player’s choice. 2D5 attribute increase points. 2 in 6 chance of being “Changed”.

Group 1—Post-Ruin Culture, 2 non-Firearm Combat Skills, 2D5 attribute increase points. 1-in-6 chance of being “Changed”.

Group 2—Literacy or 1 knowledge skill, 1 non-firearm combat skill, post-Ruin Culture, Development check.

Group 3—Literacy or ranged weapon skill (primitive firearms or bow), 2 non-firearm combat skills. Development Table.

Group 4—Primitive Firearms, 2 non-firearm combat skills, development table.

Group 5—Group 4 + survival skill.

Everyone receives a score in Brawl and 1 survival skill.

1 Wild
2-4 Tribal
5-7 Communal (free)
8-9 Communal (Havenite or Sikorskii)
10 Communal (special)
1-3 The Fleet
4-6 Fort Groton
7-8 The Leadyards
9 Patriot
10 Outside the Province
Outside the Province
1-5 Outsider scav tribe
6-7 Burners
8 Motor Caravan

Tribal—breeches, boots, shirt, field jacket (ROAD TRIBE) or loincloth, knife, bow (HUNTING TRIBE) — All tribal characters receive survival.

Communal (free)—tunic, boots, belt; may take a sword or base score in dirt farming.

Communal (Havenite)—tunic, boots, belt, cloak; may take training in sword or literacy but not both.

Communal (The Fleet)—free ranks in Fleet Pidgin, some makeshift armor.

Communal (Fort Groton)—special

Communal (Leadyards)—special

Motor Caravan—special

Main Page

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